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Upcoming Dates and Events

All library and citywide event dates and times are subject to change without notice. Contact the City of Echo at (541) 376-8411 or at the number(s) listed to confirm dates and times.

Additional event information can be found in The Echo city newsletter. The Echo is published twelve times a year and is a source of timely news about the city's issues, planning and events. Visit our publication page to view current and past issues.


Summer Reading Program

Fridays through August 9
2:00 pm

Your children are invited to join Echo Public Library’s Summer Reading Program and attend the fun programs and events we are planning for children preschool on up. Readers of all ages will explore things all about space and the Universe.

Echo Public Library presents "A Universe of Stories." Activities may include group games, art projects, science and engineering experiments, and more. The programs are free and open to children of all abilities.

Stop in at the library for more information and a schedule of events. Program runs June 28 to August 9th at the old VFW Building. You can register your children now. Come on in and see the Librarian for more information.

July 1: Traveling Lantern

The Traveling Lantern Theatre Company will perform their show called "My Mother the Astronaut: To the Moon and Beyond."

July 5: Earth

Featuring "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers. Craft: Make a solar system, solar system word find, and My Earth book.

July 12: The Moon

Featuring "Next Time You See the Moon" by Emily Morgan; "The Darkest Dark" by astronaut Chris Hadfield; a DVD called "Moon Shots." Use Oreo cookies to teach the moon phases. Craft: Make a moon phase chart of our own.

July 19: Mercury, Venus and Mars

Featuring "You are the First Kid on Mars" by Patrick O’Brien; "Mousetronaut Goes to Mars" by astronaut Mark Kelly. Craft: Make an astronaut helmet out of paper mâché.

July 26: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Featuring "Max Goes to Jupiter" by Jeffrey Bennett. Craft: Finish up astronaut helmets, word search, and My Book.

August 2: Asteroids and Comets

Featuring "Oh No Astro!" by Matt Roeser. Craft: Universe Slime and Comet on a Stick.

August 9: Awards

Summer Reading Program party.

Click below to view the entire schedule of events.

Echo Public Library
20 S. Bonanza Street
Echo, Oregon


Chester's Food Pantry

Wednesday, July 31
4:00 pm

Chester’s Food Pantry, a project of Echo Kiwanis honoring the late Chester Prior, is open the last Wednesday of each month at the Echo Masonic Lodge. Join us Wednesday, July 31 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm at the Echo Masonic Lodge.

Echo Masonic Lodge
20 S. Dupont Street
Echo, Oregon


Business License Fees

Wednesday, July 31
Due Date

This month we will be sending out a letter and applications for established businesses. Please fill out the application and return it to City Hall with your $20.00 business license fee. Any licenses not purchased by July 31 shall accrue a late fee of $2.00 per month.

Echo City Hall
20 S. Bonanza Street
Echo, Oregon


Adventure to Americana

Echo's Red to Red Cross Country Cycle Race heads our growing list of annual events held throughout the community.

Annual Events, Echo Oregon

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