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All library and citywide event dates and times are subject to change without notice. Contact the City of Echo at (541) 376-8411 or at the number(s) listed to confirm dates and times.

Additional event information can be found in The Echo city newsletter. The Echo is published twelve times a year and is a source of timely news about the city's issues, planning and events. Visit our publication page to view current and past issues.


Summer Reading Program

Through August 10
12:30 pm

The Echo Public Library's 2018 summer reading program for kids and youth 18-and-under will run through Friday, August 10 at the VFW building. This year's theme is Libraries Rock!

Children may register for the program. Non-readers can participate by listing the titles of books that are read to the child. You may register for the reading programs any time after the final day of school. You will receive reading logs to record the titles of books you read this summer.

We will be offering a variety of programs, giveaways, and contests all summer, so pick up a list of events and drop in as often as possible.

Updates will appear in the City of Echo’s newsletter. There will be a final party with certificates and rewards on August 10. The library welcomes children of all abilities.

Remember reading and participation in reading programs is one of the best ways to help your child gain educational success.

Echo Public Library
20 S. Bonanza Street
Echo, Oregon


Echo Open Air Market

Saturday, August 21
2:00 pm

The August Echo Open Air Market is Saturday, August 21 at 4:00 pm in City Park. Find info about the markets on Facebook at facebook.com/echoopenairmarket . There is an email link on our own Facebook page as well.

Markets are planned through October.

George Park (City Park)
Bonanza and Dupont Streets
Echo, Oregon


Chester's Food Pantry

Wednesday, July 29
4:00 pm

Chester’s Food Pantry, a project of Echo Kiwanis honoring the late Chester Prior, is open the last Wednesday of each month from 4:00 to 5:00 pm at the Echo Masonic Lodge.

Echo Masonic Lodge
20 S. Dupont Street
Echo, Oregon


Adventure to Americana

Echo's Red 2 Red Cross Country Cycle Race heads our growing list of annual events held throughout the community.

Annual Events, Echo Oregon

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