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McKenzie Hendrix, 5th Grade, was winner of the Arbor Day poster contest. She will receive a $30 first place prize. Other winners: (2) Khloe Spoon, 2nd Grade; (3) Aislin McFarline, 1st grade; (4) Lacy Jamison, 1st grade. Honorable Mentions: Sarah Thomas, Kohlvin Wyse.

Douglas Clement Tree
The City of Echo, celebrating its 30th year as Oregon’s smallest Tree City USA, has named the lone remaining original tree in George Park, a large Pine, the 'Douglas Clement Tree.'

Doug was Echo’s mayor in 1988. He heard that Baker City was the only Tree City in Eastern Oregon. As owner of the Echo Hotel & Tavern, he often heard visitors say how surprised they were when they drove over the hill to see Echo spreading out like an oasis.

As a result he urged the city council to approve a Tree City USA application. In 1989 the first application was successfully submitted.

This pine tree is at least 60 years old and was originally surrounded by Black Locust trees, devastated by Locust Borers. The diverse canopy in the park was started in 1984.

This illustration is the work of McKenzie Hendrix, 5th grade; winner of the 2019 Echo Tree Fair poster contest.

Arbor Day Tree Fair, Echo Oregon

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