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Matching Funds for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library are now available for the next couple of years, so if you know of Children in Echo 5 years of age and under, be sure and have them sign up at the library so they can receive one free book per month, until age 6, sent to their home to keep.

About the Program?

The Echo Public Library, Stanfield Public Library, Pendleton Friends of the Library and Umatilla County Special Library District along with the Rippy Foundation are bringing the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to eligible children. The Rippy Foundation is covering half the cost for the first three years.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a 60 volume set of books beginning with the children’s classic the Little Engine that Could. Each month a new age appropriate book will be mailed in your child’s name directly to your home.

Who is Eligible?

Preschool children birth to five who are residents of Echo.

What are the Responsibilities?

To sign up your child, fill out an official registration form you can pickup and submit either at the Echo Public Library or Stanfield Public Library. Notify the library of address changes as books are mailed to the address on your registration form. c) Read with your child.

NOTE: Children’s names turned into the Dolly Parton Imagination Library as donations are secured to cover the 50% match. Initial donations will cover 7 children the first year.

The first book should arrive within eight to ten weeks of the form being submitted to the Imagination Library. The books will continue to arrive until your child turns five (5) or you move from the library district. As of September, the Imagination Library has mailed over 109 million books and in just September they shipped 1.3 million books to children.

These books aren’t just a nice gift for children...they are inspiring and help contribute to their success in school. Studies show:

After being enrolled 4 months they found that those reading to children three times per week jumped from 59% to 85%.

The percentage of parents reading daily to their children went from 29% to 59%.

There was a 30% increase in Kindergarten readiness in children.

Children that participated in this program continued to outperform their peers who were not part of the program at 3rd grade level.

Donations to this program can be dropped off at City Hall. For Every $25 donated to the Imagination Library a child will receive 12 books per year for them to keep. With an estimate of around 100 eligible children if all Echo children under 5 signed up, our 1/2 of the annual cost that would need to be donated is $1250.

Holiday Thanks

Thanks to Cecili Longhorn, Stanfield Library Director, for organizing a Christmas Bingo fund-raiser for both Echo and Stanfield Libraries to raise matching funds for the Imagination Library program. A total of $769 was raised. Thanks to Walmart DC, Walmart Super Store, Janie Enright and Emily Spike for prize donation.

Echo City Hall
21 S. Bonanza Street
Echo, Oregon

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