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The City of Echo will hold a public hearing Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 4:00 pm at City Hall in Echo, 20 S. Bonanza, to discuss a proposed zone change to create a limited residential zone of approximately 38-10,000+ sq. ft. lots on 11.1 acres north of Bowman Road.

The area is currently Exclusive Farm Use and is in the Echo Urban Growth Boundary and under the city's Comprehensive Plan. It would, upon annexation or zoning application, be rezoned Tourist Commercial / Light Industrial. The balance of the 155 acre tax lot will be zoned per the Comprehensive Plan as Tourist Commercial / Light Industrial.

The public may attend the hearing and submit written or oral comments at that time or submit them by mail or by hand to the address below. Call (541) 376-8411. Email to or by hand to 20 S. Bonanza. Written comments will be accepted until noon on Thursday, May 16.

Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes testimony. However anyone representing a group may be allowed 5 minutes, but the names of all those individuals being represented or of the organization being represented must be announced at the beginning of testimony.

Forty-five minutes will be allowed for all testimony. Testimony should be limited to discussion of the proposed zoning application. No personal remarks, threats or profanity will be allowed.

The Council will not make a decision at this meeting, but will meet again on May 16 at 4 pm in regular session to further discuss application. Please provide your name or address on any written testimony submitted.

Echo City Hall
PO Box 9
21 S. Bonanza Street
Echo, Oregon

Madison-Corey Rezone, Echo Oregon

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