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This year the City of Echo will celebrate its 30th year as a Tree City USA, Oregon's smallest. This is considered a landmark anniversary. As such we would like to do something special to commemorate it.

For the 20th anniversary, residents voted to select an official city tree, The Red Horsechestnut. One of the Red Horsechestnuts is planted in Fort Henrietta Park. For the 25th anniversary, that tree was given a name: the Dorn Tree, and a plaque was placed beside it to tell the story of the tree and the Dorn Family.

We are now asking you for suggestions on ways to commemorate this anniversary. Among the suggestions are:

  • Honor former mayors by naming trees in the arboretum.
  • Honor former Mayor Doug Clement who was instrumental in starting the Tree City USA program in Echo.
  • Honor a tree we planted 30 years ago.
  • Have a 'yarn bombing' in the park or arboretum.
  • Have a special piece of furniture made from a city tree.
  • Let us know your ideas.

We will have the annual Tree Fair again this year on Thursday, April 18 at 12:35 pm. Echo Elementary students will travel between tree stations and the public is welcome to attend. Stations include: tree-related storytime, fire fighting and forest fires, tree art and posters, bark rubbings, award presentations and drawings, Fort Henrietta Park break and refreshments.

OCT Grant
Oregon Community Trees (OCT) has awarded the city a $500 grant to help with the Tree Fair and Arbor Day celebration this year. Door prizes, Tree City apparel and poster contest prizes are among the items the grant will be used for.

Oregon Community Trees mission is to promote healthy urban and community forests through leadership, education, awareness and advocacy. They assist community groups, local governments and schools with expertise to help achieve their mission. Mark your calendar so you can attend and possibly win a door prize. Donations to help with the 30th anniversary are welcome.

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