City of Echo – After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 458-219-5074 Attention City of Echo Residence - The emergency after hours phone has been established so Echo residences can call if there is a water or sewer issue that requires immediate attention of City employees to be resolved. This number will not get the fire department, police department, or ambulance service - please call 911 for these and all other emergencies. 


Media Release

COVID-19 Response in Echo, Oregon


The City of Echo is still operating as normal with a few changes in how we are providing service. We currently have  the Echo Public Library open, however we continue to provide curbside service for all our patrons.


City Hall is open, but due to the health concerns we ask that patrons be understanding and allow for space between individuals in order to reduce the risk of spreading any possible germs.


If patrons do not want to come in, they may drop off utility payments in the drop box and if they have a concern about being shut off due to loss of jobs or sickness, the City is taking each situation on a case by case basis.


The City has taken measures to keep areas clean in City Hall and have closed off most public areas at this time to reduce risks of spreading. After each patron leaves, we wipe down all areas with antibacterial cleaners and use sanitizer.

Thank you,

David Slaght
City Administrator-Recorder