Echo City Council Draft Goals: DRAFT - City Council Goals 2-23-21   History - 1. Fort Henrietta - rebuild the bolck house replica 2. Modernize/ App for the digital world 3. Strong historical community 4. Coordinate w/tribes, EHA, or any other local civic group 5. School history day   Council - 1. Update rules / procedures 2. Transparency / communication 3. Update Comprehensive plan 4. School District Student representation on the Council   Economy - 1. Promote tourism 2. Community reader board 3. Review/ Develop commercial code (Historical themes) 4. Money incentive for new businesses 5. Railroad right of way - commercial zone   Safety / Health - 1. Code enforcement 2. Railroad Crossing Blocking roads Train horns Crossing contact signs Pedestrian crossing bridge  3. Crosswalks 4. Sidewalks - repair & new construction 5. County/ PW/ State for road repairs 6. Police accountability 7. Community cleanup/ free dumpsters for public    Growth- 1. Businesses 2. Planning commission for developments   Community - 1. Community Events - City sponsored or Co-sponsored National Night Out Giving Tree Arbor Day School History Day 2. Promote main events 3. Outreach to groups/ clubs 4. Welcome baskets for new residents & maybe tourist baskets 5. Revitalization of Fort Henrietta Days 6. Resource list   City Operations -  1. Council Packets made available to the public via website - keeping people informed 2. Water Master Plan update 3. Sewer Project 4. Proper Equipment for the Public Works Department 5. Golf Course irrigation & management plan for future 6. Continuing education for City Staff 7. Maintenance & Improvement Plans for streets, buildings, and other City owned assets.     


Celebrating Arbor Day In Echo

On April 29, kids in grades second, third and forth participated in the Annual City of Arbor Day event. This year the older kids helped the public works department (Justin & Ken) clean up the Arboretum which consisted of putting all the limbs and other debris in the utility trailer to be hauled off. 

The younger kids painted trees and learned about trees from our Libraian Anna Lemmon and our City Clerk Peggy Haines. They had a great time and the weather was perfect to get the kids out to help our community celebrate a long held tradition in Echo.

They finished off the project by planting a new tree in George Park. Two kids from each grade were picked to dig and plant the Appalachian Red Eastern Redbud tree.