Echo City Council Draft Goals: DRAFT - City Council Goals 2-23-21   History - 1. Fort Henrietta - rebuild the bolck house replica 2. Modernize/ App for the digital world 3. Strong historical community 4. Coordinate w/tribes, EHA, or any other local civic group 5. School history day   Council - 1. Update rules / procedures 2. Transparency / communication 3. Update Comprehensive plan 4. School District Student representation on the Council   Economy - 1. Promote tourism 2. Community reader board 3. Review/ Develop commercial code (Historical themes) 4. Money incentive for new businesses 5. Railroad right of way - commercial zone   Safety / Health - 1. Code enforcement 2. Railroad Crossing Blocking roads Train horns Crossing contact signs Pedestrian crossing bridge  3. Crosswalks 4. Sidewalks - repair & new construction 5. County/ PW/ State for road repairs 6. Police accountability 7. Community cleanup/ free dumpsters for public    Growth- 1. Businesses 2. Planning commission for developments   Community - 1. Community Events - City sponsored or Co-sponsored National Night Out Giving Tree Arbor Day School History Day 2. Promote main events 3. Outreach to groups/ clubs 4. Welcome baskets for new residents & maybe tourist baskets 5. Revitalization of Fort Henrietta Days 6. Resource list   City Operations -  1. Council Packets made available to the public via website - keeping people informed 2. Water Master Plan update 3. Sewer Project 4. Proper Equipment for the Public Works Department 5. Golf Course irrigation & management plan for future 6. Continuing education for City Staff 7. Maintenance & Improvement Plans for streets, buildings, and other City owned assets.     


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